shocking revelations from the colosseum!


We were standing in the ruins of an ancient amphitheatre and it was immediately clear to us that the Colosseum must have been used as a modern shopping centre with underground garages for motorbikes and cars in the past! It was already obvious from the photos that archaeologists had uncovered underground garages in its centre. The vaults must have been ramps for cars to get to the underground garages! Helmets are stored in the display cases. According to the description, they are gladiator helmets, so it is clear that gladiators went to work on motorbikes. They kept their helmets in the lockers where the archaeologists found them! From what we saw, it must have been a huge shopping mall. The photos show shops around the perimeter! Today only the gift shop remains, but I think there must have been a Billa and a dm in the past.**

This text is intended as an entertaining and humorous report. It does not contain any scientific evidence that the Colosseum served as a parking lot or shopping mall.